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Book sales of Shy ARE being monitored, individual buyers like you ARE being watched and being a secret society means just that; so that any repercussions on you and yours will be carried out in secret and because IT IS a secret, you won’t find out about it until it’s done and way too late for you to do anything about it

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About This Book


Shy is the first part of an epic battle: a shy boy runs away from his warring parents only to wind up fighting against a global secret society of Petty Small Minders (PSM) and himself.


Debilitating shyness, bullying, substance abuse and other mental health issues are all key themes in Shy. Lines from the poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling are referenced at various points as the story unfolds with the whole poem provided at the end.


After the story, you will find: ‘London Pride and much, much more’ with five introductory scene-setting YouTube references, including how to speak ‘Cockney’. This is followed by over 180 YouTube and other historical references which are linked chapter by chapter as the story unfolds, sharing the sights and sounds of Britain (including more than 60 songs and musical references), primarily through the Second World War years to the so-called swinging sixties. QR code options for smart phone, tablet and other internet devices are also provided. In addition, over 100 songs are hidden in the story, can you find them?


Finishing Shy through these Covid years has been both a challenge and an inspiration.The worldwide loss of life, the millions of survivors, many suffering Long-Covid, the impact on our health care professionals and front-line workers, each and every family, the list goes on - everyone continues to be affected in one way or another by the global pandemic. Families with children on low incomes face particular hardship as living costs rise, heating bills pile up and food banks face rationing. Amanda Gorman’s words - “Call Us What We Carry”


The mental health crisis in this country is so profound that following its detailed report, published in July 2022, the Commission on Young Lives called on the Prime Minister to immediately pledge a £1 billion support package for children’s mental health services.


At the end of the book facts and figures show how, in pre and post Covid Britain, mental health issues have gone from bad to worse. Thanks to the Commission’s report, you will also find chapter-and-verse on the evidence that underlines the mental health crisis facing young people.

“The scale of the problem is growing, rocket boosted by the pandemic the system is buckling under pressure and unable to cope with the explosion in demand for help.”


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As a result of all of the above, 20% of any and all royalties from book and other sales of shy will be donated to an appropriate mental health charity


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I found the incorporation of online content thoroughly engaging, a wonderful supplement to a captivating and relatable boyhood journey. Thought provoking and endearing, it leaves me pleasantly reflecting on my own struggles, with newfound motivation.

Hans Hilder (Student Southampton University)

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